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My name is Stephen Rees.  Welcome to my website here at MusicaNeo.

I have worked for the last 15 years as a media music composer, writing production music for film and television published by De Wolfe Music, Position Music, Extreme Music and Universal.

My wife Jenny is also a composer, and we have just released an album together called 'Heartlands'.  The music is inspired by our love for the wild and wonderful landscape in which we are privileged to live - Pembrokeshire in West Wales. Our home.

We sought to reflect the beautiful, haunting, precious nature of our environment in our compositions, and also something of our lives within it. Ruined chapels and castles. Ancient stones offering us a sense of connection with peoples from the past. The ever changing weather and seasons. The sounds of rivers and waves. Love, loss, compassion and friendship. The emotional dance of the human heart.

We wanted to publish the sheet music for the piano pieces from our album, and chose MusicaNeo so that we can make it available to you.

The sheet music collection 'Heartlands - Seven Pieces for Piano' includes:-

1. Heartlands.  2. The Tides of Time (Solo Piano Arrangement).  3. Shadow Dance.  4. Butterfly.  5. Carew.  6. Rainfall.  7. Vigil.

If you would like to hear these tracks, they can be streamed from and the digital download audio album can be purchased from the usual stores (iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby etc.).

Wherever you are, in whatever environment you may currently find yourself, we hope that our music helps you to experience a sense of connection with the natural beauty of the world, and with each other.

If you'd like to get in touch please use the contact page.

Thank you for playing and listening to our music,


  • Vigil
  • Klavier
  • 2.99 USD
  • Rainfall
  • Klavier
  • 2.99 USD
  • Carew
  • Klavier
  • 2.99 USD
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